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n u c l e u s

©2023 tranzithouse cluj, RO

A performative sound environment that builds upon physical movements.

Ambient, Beats & Drone, closely resembling a live sound design.

A digital interface for the human body fed to an analog modular synthesizer.


An associative variable within a digitally dissolved reality.  


nucleus through the eyes of Eyup Kus ©2023

„nucleus is unexpected and provokes a visual sensation within the listener. Therefor U:kustik plays a unique part in our project remixID.“
Andrei Popov (PR, Österr. Kulturforum, Bukarest)

„nucleus is not the work of an ordinary musician but of a performing composer.“

Mirela Vladuti (CEO, MV_Sci_Art, Timisoara)

©2023 tranzithouse cluj, RO

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